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Vellum or Parchment?

posted on 07 October 2014

Chapter Craft

The Presiding Provincial Team

At the Masefield Chapter No. 2034 Installation Meeting on Monday 6th October, the Chapter Room was filled with guests from the Provinces of Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

The Presiding Provincial Team was headed by The Deputy Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Michael G. Taylor, P.A.G.Soj., accompanied by the Second Provincial Grand Principal E.Comp. M.D. Cox, P.A.G.D.C., and the Third Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp. J. M. Phenix, P.G.St.B., assisted by the Deputy Director of Ceremonies, E.Comp. S. Turner.

Due to work requirements, unfortunately the MEZ was not able to install the MEZ Elect so this Office was very ably undertaken by Past Grand Superintendent, Richard Price.

After the Installation Ceremony was completed, a presentation took place in which Kings Norton Chapter No. 4001 to the Members of St. Martins Chapter No. 4011 (Warks) returned their first Minutes Book, which had been lost for over 20 years. Was this Vellum or Parchment? Probably neither, but certainly this dusty old hand written Minute Book recorded the original 24 years history of St. Martins Chapter which they were very glad to have returned to them, curiously from the environment of a dark attic belonging to a Non Mason (a discovery which he deemed of importance) who by chance happened to know E.Comp. Ken Oliver, Scribe E of Kings Norton Chapter 4011.

The reason for this event taking place at the Masefield Chapter meeting, was because both these Chapters meet on the same day in different Provinces, and the Masefield Companions were only too pleased to play host and to make so many new Masonic friends.

New Principals New Masonic Friends