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A Red Letter Day for Masefield RA 2034

posted on 03 December 2013


The Royal Arch Chapter meeting on Monday 2nd December 2013 was a real Red Letter day. With over thirty Companions in attendance. The meeting was opened, and all in attendance looked forward to yet another new Brother taking his "Next Regular Step" into the Holy Royal Arch. The Exaltee clearly enjoyed the Ceremony and afterwards, was able to sit back and relax as the proceedings moved towards the closing. Just a mere report or two from the Scribe E. who announced he had received not just one but three letters from members of the Chapter. The following Provincial Grand Chapter honours had been received by:

  • E.Comp. J.H. Crowther, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.
  • E.Comp. D.S. Carey, Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.
  • E.Comp. A. Birch, Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer.

All had accepted, and we look forward to seeing them receive their honours at the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting at the University of Birmingham on 12th April 2014 when the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Colin Peter Thomas Brown will be in attendance to appoint or promote them.