About Us

One of the world’s oldest secular fraternal societies Based in Birmingham, we aim to give an overview of our Freemasons Lodge's current activities, history and traditions, together with some information about Freemasonry in general.

Freemasonry provides a unique environment for people from all backgrounds to make lasting friendships and, above all, have fun. We hope to demonstrate the breadth and diversity of our activities (mostly charitable, sometimes purely social, always enjoyable) and that this will encourage potential future members to come forward to find out more.

Even if you do not have any existing Freemason acquaintances, by all means Contact us by e-mail, giving us a few details about yourself and why you are interested in joining. We would be very happy to introduce you to Masefield Lodge Members to talk and answer any questions you may have.

Meeting in Kings Heath BIRMINGHAM ideal for the trains.

Meeting in Kings Heath (BIRMINGHAM) Masefield Lodge meets seven times each year, on the second Monday of the month from October to April inclusive. This is followed by a meal and refreshments where we enjoy good food and interesting conversation.

We hold our regular meetings at the Freemasons Hall, 221 Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 6DT.

Each month's meeting begins usually at about 6 p.m., when the Lodge is opened, minutes of the previous meeting are read, followed by the general business of the Lodge, concluding at around 7.45 p.m.

This is followed by a Festive Board in the Dining Room

These meetings are open to Brethren of the Lodge, and their invited guests from other Lodges.

It is important to note, Freemasonry as a body will never express a view on politics or state policy. The discussion of politics at our meetings has always been prohibited.

Under the United Grand Lodge of England, there are over a quarter of a million Freemasons.

There is a separate Grand Lodge in Ireland, which covers both Northern Ireland and Eire, and another in Scotland which have a combined total of approximately 150,000 members. Worldwide, there are approximately six million Freemasons.

Throughout the year our calendar is further enhanced by our numerous social events, to which Brethren are encouraged to invite their partners, family and friends some of which have included:

  • Severn Valley Steam-train outings with lunch on board
  • Beer and Skittles evenings
  • Curry Nights in the Balti Triangle
  • Greyhound racing (with dinner in the grandstand restaurant)
  • A trip to the pantomime followed by supper
  • Lunch and drinks on board a narrow boat
  • Sunday trips to watch a Polo Match followed by lunch
  • The Masefield Black Tie Summer Ball
  • Salmon Lunch at a variety of restaurants
  • A Day at Stratford-on-Avon Racecourse
  • Burns' Night Celebration with all the trimmings and piper
  • The Masefield Golf Day
  • Masefield Christmas Party
  • Karibunis Evening
  • Lunch on board the Princess of Evesham Boat
  • Old English Beef and Ale Night
  • Outings to the Black Country Museum