Lodge of Instruction

Perfect Ashlar Our Lodge of Instruction is itself a venerable institution; the first meeting was on 27th February 1891 when the By-Laws were adopted which specified meetings on Friday evenings for eight months of the year.

These frequent meetings were held for a number of years; there is a gap in our records until October 1922 when the Lodge authorised its revival. This was thanks to the enthusiasm of W.Bro. C.B. Bishop who became the first Preceptor of the reformed Masefield Lodge of Instruction known to the Brethren as L of I.


Dates 1st Preceptor 2nd Preceptor 3rd Preceptor Deputy Preceptor
1922 C. Bishop A.C. Mason
1930 C. Bishop T.W. Deacon
1932 T.W. Deacon J.W. Pearce
1935 T.W. Deacon E. Baker
1939 E. Baker
1945 E. Baker F.H. Franey
1948 F.H. Franey W.J. Adams
1953 W.J. Adams F.B. Scoffham
1955 F.B. Scoffham J.A Gillies
1960 J.A Gillies J.T Ward
1963 J.T Ward P.B. Hodgkinson
1970 P.B. Hodgkinson R.E. Whitlock
1974 R.E. Whitlock G.E. Mills
1982 G.E. Mills D.A. Pickerden
1984 G.E. Mills D.A. Pickerden B.B. Crowden
1988 B.B. Crowden P.C. Band
1998 B.B. Crowden P.C. Band R.D. Symes
2003 B.B. Crowden R.D. Symes
2009 B.B. Crowden R.D. Symes J.H. Crowther
2011 R.D. Symes J.H. Crowther
2014 R.D. Symes J.H. Crowther
2015 R.D. Symes J.H. Crowther
2016 R.D. Symes J.H. Crowther M.A. Bunn G. Tambe
2017 M.A. Bunn G. Tambe