Listed below is a full History of our Lodge.

These details may be of interest to Masonic Historians or fellow members of the Lodge.

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In 1895 the Lechmere Volunteer Lodge moved from Kidderminster to the Moseley and Balsall Heath Institute where they shared our lodge room and furniture, and in 1897 the Arter Lodge No. 2654, the first of our daughter Lodges with eleven of our Brethren as founders, was consecrated on 19th March.

In October of the same year the Masefield Chapter was consecrated; of the eleven founders all but one were our Lodge Brethren.

Bro. H.C. Mason

Although membership of the Chapter has never been restricted to any particular Lodge, there has always been a close link between Lodge and Chapter with many of our Brethren choosing to be exalted therein.

We learn from the registers of Grand Lodge that ceremonies were performed at all our Regular meetings and there were emergency meetings in 1900 and 1901 for initiations.

The total number of Initiates for the fourteen years to 1911 was 55.

Frequently double ceremonies were worked and on three occasions, three candidates were initiated on one evening.

Bro. H.C. Mason

There were even more surprising figures towards the end of and after the 1914-1918 Great War when there was a sudden urge to join Freemasonry; during the five years from 1917 there were 47 Initiates.

The influx naturally included a number of men serving in Armed Forces and special arrangements were made to enable service candidates to take the various degrees.

In February 1918 Mr. H.C. Mason, son of the Worshipful Master, was initiated by dispensation at the age of 18 years 7 months.

At the March meeting when all other ceremonies and business had been completed, he was passed and then raised in April.

He never attended Lodge again being killed in action in August 1918: a brass tablet (as seen above) to his memory was erected, and this was later transferred to our present building in Kings Heath, where it is still to be seen.

W.Bro. A.W. Smallwood At the March meeting when all other ceremonies and business had been completed, he was passed, and then raised in April. He never attended Lodge again, being killed in action in August.

A special procedure was adopted for the initiation in May 1917 of Mr. A.W. Smallwood then serving in the Royal Navy.

He was to become one of our very distinguished Brethren acting as Assistant Provincial Grand Master during the period 1955-62.

During the Great War years, the Lodge supported the various relief funds and in May 1916 a charity concert at the Institute in aid of the Provincial War Relief Fund was attended by 250 Brethren.

Campbell Lodge was formed in 1913 by Sir William Campbell Meanwhile the Campbell Lodge No. 3643 had been consecrated in 1913 to become the fourth Lodge to use the rooms at the Institute and after a period of thirty-four years, the time had come to acquire more appropriate premises.

The four Lodges co-operated to form the Moseley Masonic Hall Co. Ltd., which purchased the hall, previously known as the Ruskin Hall, in Institute Road, Kings Heath.

This was to be our home for the next eighteen years.

In November 1918, General Sir Francis Davies was appointed Provincial Grand Master.

General Sir Francis Davies

He was to occupy this position for thirty years until his death in 1948.

During the 1920s our records show that the Lodge was fully occupied with a regular intake of initiates, a number of whom later became distinguished Provincial Officers.

It was on January 10th 1921, at a Past Masters' night with W.Bro. H.C. Lewis in the chair, that Bro. D.R. Counsell, a Master Mason of Beaufort Lodge No. 103 Bristol, became a joining member. On that evening the work included a raising followed by two passings.

This trend of working more than one ceremony continued, for at the meeting of 9th October 1922 when it was agreed to revive the Lodge of Instruction, the work included two raisings and two passings. The membership during this period varied between 80 and 86.

In 1927 the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge was held under our banner; this was the last occasion when the Lodge was opened by Master and Wardens of the entertaining Lodge. The Master was W.Bro. A.W. Smallwood, and W.Bro. A.W. Watson was appointed Acting Provincial Senior Grand Warden; we were not to be so honoured again for 46 years when W.Bro. D.P. Alexander was appointed in 1973.

The petition for the formation of Francis Davies Lodge No. 5035 was approved in April 1928 and so speedy was the period of gestation that just a year later, their brethren visited our April meeting and worked the First Lecture thus proving themselves a worthy young offspring. During 1929 the date of installation was changed; it was felt that October was a more appropriate month for wearing Evening Dress in mid afternoon rather than the warm month of May.

W.Bro. C. Stevens, C.B.E. 1933 saw the demise of a most distinguished member of the Lodge, Engineer Rear-Admiral Charles Stevens, C.B.E., R.N., who was born in Moseley on 22nd April 1869.

He had joined the Royal Navy in 1884, and was present at the operations in Somaliland in H.M.S. Diana in 1909, also serving in H.M.S. Nelson at the Dardanelles in 1915-16. Later he served in the Grand Destroyer Flotilla as Squadron Engineer Officer.

He retired from the service in 1923 with the rank of Engineer Rear-Admiral.

Rear-Admiral Stevens was initiated into Masefield Lodge in September 1890 and, at some point after his raising in May 1891, resigned from the Lodge (we presume to follow his naval career). He rejoined Masefield Lodge on 11th November 1895, but never became Master of this, his Mother Lodge.

In January 1904 he joined the Phoenix Lodge No. 257, in the Province of Hants & I.O.W., where he became Worshipful Master in December 1913. It was in the same province that he received his first Provincial appointment of Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon, later becoming Provincial Grand Secretary in 1923, which office he held until his death.

Although a disciplinarian, his kind manner and abundance of human sympathy endeared him to all who had the opportunity and privilege of coming into contact with him. In 1925 he received Grand Lodge honours and was appointed to the rank of Assistant Grand Superintendent of Works, being further promoted in 1933 to Past Junior Grand Deacon. He died on 18th August in the same year, and was buried at Christchurch, Portsdown.

Also in 1933, in April, a presentation of Grand Lodge Regalia was made to W.Bro. A.W. Watson on his appointment to the rank of an Acting Assistant Grand Standard Bearer.

In July he attended in his official capacity the special meetings in connection with the Million Memorial Peace Fund and the dedication of the new Masonic Peace Temple (the present home of Grand Lodge) in London which he described fully in an address at our April meeting in 1934.

As the installation meeting had been changed from May to October, the Jubilee meeting was held on 18th October 1934 when with many distinguished brethren present among the 95 attending, Bro. W.S. Towers had the honour of being installed by the Rt. W.Bro. Prov. Grand Master, General Sir Francis Davies.

W.Bro. J.S. Pritchett

W.Bro. J.S. Pritchett, Asst. Prov. Grand Master (Warks.) and sole survivor of our founders, was present and a special appreciative reference is made in the minutes to his reminiscences of our early days.

A jubilee Festival Souvenir booklet compiled by W.Bro. Tom Mason assisted by Bro. A.L. Wallbank was given to all the brethren.

On Sunday December 2nd a Thanksgiving Service was held at St. Agnes Church Moseley, when a large number of brethren and their ladies attended, with our own two clergymen Rev. G. Hood and Rev. J.W. Sharpe officiating.

The minutes of the meeting of 13th January 1936 are interesting in that they record the appointment of Rt. W. Prov. Grand Master, General Sir Francis Davies, as Deputy Grand Master and his personal letter to the Lodge in reply to their good wishes is attached.

The proposed method of grouping Lodges was also reported and, as has happened on many subsequent occasions, the cost of dining was discussed with fees fixed at four shillings (20p) for members and two shillings and six pence (12.5p) for visitors

At an emergency meeting in June 1936, the business included the approval of a petition for our fourth daughter Lodge - The Nautical Services - described by W.Bro. A.W. Smallwood, Master Designate to be a "Brotherhood of the Sea".

Kings Heath Masonic Hall Following the formation of new Lodges and Chapters, additional accommodation was urgently required, so in 1936 the Masonic Hall Company acquired and adopted premises in Alcester Road. Prior to the installation of Bro. D.R. Counsell on 12th October 1936 the Lodge met and approved the scheme for this new Masonic Temple.

Our last meeting at Institute Road was an emergency one on Saturday 24th April 1937 when a team from the Beaufort Lodge No. 103 Bristol which included the father of our Worshipful Master demonstrated the "Bristol Working" of the ceremony of Initiation. The May issue of "The Freemason" reported the meeting in detail commenting that the accommodation was taxed to its utmost with attendance of 112. This provided a fitting ending to our eighteen year stay in this hall.

The 455th meeting on 11th October 1937 was our first in the new hall, when Bro. G. Mawson was installed; there were 45 members out of a total strength of 62, and 54 Visitors present to mark this special occasion. The summons specified Dinner Dress and this continued until the onset of the 1939 war when the change was made to Morning Dress or Uniform.

Roll of Honor At the outbreak of war all Masonic activities were suspended but after a short interval we were allowed to resume, although the meetings were of a spartan character.

During the war years, under regulations issued by Grand Lodge, the dates of meetings were transferred to the summer months to avoid the long winter evenings when travel in the black-out and the risk of enemy bombing made life hazardous; on several occasions meetings were held on Saturday afternoons. In 1945 we reverted to our normal dates.

Our Diamond Jubilee was celebrated at the May meeting in 1944 with the election of five honorary members: the Rulers of the Province and our own W.Bro. T. Mason, P.A.G.D.C., P.Prov.G.W..

Early in 1940 the design of the title page of our summons, which had been unchanged for many years, was modified by Bro. J.W. Chaplin but this was used only for a few months in the austerity of the war years.

The summons of the October 1949 meeting, the installation of Bro. H.H.L. Smith, reverted to the newer, distinctive design which remained in use until 1999.

At this point the summons was redesigned, and was thereafter printed, by W.Bro. R.D. Symes, P.Prov.G.Supt.Wks., to its present day form which includes a full colour banner emblem on the front page.

During the post war years the Lodge made steady progress with a pattern of two initiates per year.

For the November 1950 meeting, with W.Bro. R.L.A. Hardwick in the chair, we were joined by members of the Nautical Services Lodge to present Grand Lodge Regalia to W.Bro. A.W. Smallwood who had been appointed to the rank of Past Assistant Grand Standard Bearer.

Silver Cigarette Box In December 1953 another presentation was made; that of a silver cigarette box to W.Bro. A.W. Watson as a mark of esteem and to commemorate his 50 years' membership.

At a later date W.Bro. Watson handed this back to the Lodge and it is now amongst our treasures.

On 27th May 1954 the Francis Davies Lodge held their Silver Jubilee meeting when Grand Lodge Regalia was presented to W.Bro. D.R. Counsell on his appointment to the rank of P.A.G.D.C..

W.Bro. D.R. Counsell The presentation was made jointly on behalf of the Masefield, Francis Davies and Weatheroak Lodges as he was a member of all three.

A notable event in 1955 was the appointment of W.Bro. A.W. Smallwood as Asst.Prov.G.Master; an office he held for seven years until 1962 when failing health caused him to resign.

The Festival for the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution was held on 29th February 1956 under the presidency of the Provincial Grand Master for Worcestershire.

The Lodge qualified as a patron of the Institution and had 49 Brother and Lady Stewards, a number of whom attended the banquet at the Connaught Rooms London.

Connaught Rooms London

In 1956 the Lodge Banner which had served us probably since the Consecration was in a very tattered state and a new one was generously provided by W.Bro. W.H. Henman, P.Prov.G.W.. At the well attended meeting of 12th March, with W.Bro. J.T. Ward in the chair, it was formally dedicated by W.Bro. H.E. Clive, Deputy Prov.G.M., W.Bro. A.W. Smallwood, Asst.Prov.G.M., and other Provincial Officers.

In April 1958 the petition for our fifth Daughter Lodge to be named Red Rose Lodge, was presented and approved. A year later at the April meeting, the Red Rose Master and Wardens closed our Lodge.

On 8th May 1961 an emergency meeting was held which was described as a joint meeting with Weatheroak Lodge No. 7214 whose Master and Wardens closed the Lodge. A paper was read by W.Bro. R.S. Blackledge, Prov.J.G.W. Warwickshire on "Freemasonry in Dudley and Neighbourhood" following which the two lodges joined in making a presentation of Grand Lodge Regalia to W.Bro. G. Mawson on his appointment to the rank of P.G.Std.B..

The custom which prevailed for some years of Master and Wardens closing the parent or daughter lodge has been discontinued.

On 13th November 1961 W.Bro. E.S. Price initiated his son Mr R.B.W. Price, the first lewis to enter the lodge since Mr. D.A. Hodgkinson in 1951 and the first to be initiated by his father whilst Worshipful Master for forty-four years; he passed and raised him during his year in the chair. Bro. R.B.W. Price was to become Master in 1974 and again in 1986.

Four gavels of unusual design

During 1965 a number of officers decided to provide a new set of equipment which included four gavels of unusual design; the presentation to the Master W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock was made by W.Bro. A.C. Lee at the April 1965 meeting.

In February 1966 a donation to the M.W.Grand Master's "250 Anniversary Fund" was approved and the commemorative jewel was worn on the Master's collar for the first time at the installation of Bro. C.J. Wilkinson on 10th October 1966.

In September 1968 W.Bro. A.C. Lee was appointed Prov.Grand Treasurer, the first occasion that a member of the Lodge had been so honoured since W.Bro. A.W. Watson in 1926.

At the April 1969 meeting with W.Bro. D.P. Alexander in the chair and a large attendance of visitors who included W.Bros. L.H.C. Batt, Prov.G.Sec.; E.F. Hanson, Prov.S.G.W.; B. M. Cooper, Prov.J.G.W., all of whom were later to become Rulers of the Province, the Lodge honoured W.Bro. D.R. Counsell P.G.D. on his fifty years in Freemasonry. W.Bro. Counsell gave a most interesting talk about the history of the Lodge and was afterwards presented, as a token of our esteem and affection, with a clock and an illuminated address designed by Bro. J.C. Holt.

On 4th June 1969 the Rt.W.Prov.Grand Master for Worcestershire, Lt. Col. O.W.D. Smith, presided at the 171st Anniversary Festival of the Royal Masonic Institution for Boys in London. The Lodge contribution was £5,022, being the sixth largest in the Province, with a stewards list of 42 Brethren and 14 Ladies. Eighteen Brethren and their wives toured the Grand Temple and Museum and afterwards attended the Banquet at the Connaught Rooms.

During 1971 the accounting date was changed from 30th September to 30th June which made it easier for the audited accounts to be presented in November.

In December 1971 with W.Bro. G.E. Mills in the chair a sub-committee was formed to submit recommendations to the Grand Masters' Committee of Enquiry on Masonic Charities; their recommendations, as detailed in an addendum to the minutes, were approved at the meeting of February 1972.

During this decade under the benevolent influence of the Lodge Almoners, contributions to charities increased considerably and the October 1973 summons showed the Lodge qualifications as:

  • Double Patron Royal Masonic Institution for Girls
  • Double Patron Royal Masonic Institution for Boys
  • Double Patron Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
  • Grand Vice Patron Royal Masonic Hospital

Since that period the Lodge has qualified as Grand Patron Royal Masonic Hospital 1978, Double Patron Royal Masonic Institution for Girls 1982 and Grand Patron of the Grand Charity in 2000, in addition to making substantial donations to many other charities.

In December 1972 the Master W.Bro. D.A. Pickerden instituted a ladies' informal evening for members' wives, families and personal friends to provide a "family" social meeting; this was so successful that it has since been held every year.

At our 700th meeting in January 1974 W.Bro. D.R. Counsell gave a short talk entitled "Observations on the History of the Lodge".

The minutes of the November meeting of that year record a contribution of 200 guineas (£210) to the Royal Masonic Hospital in memory of W.Bro. W.R. Harvey - a very respected Past Master who represented the Lodge at the group meetings of Worcestershire Associated Masonic Lodges.

Lodge Banner In early 1991 a new Banner was purchased by the Lodge. The Ceremony of Dedication of this Lodge Banner took place at an emergency meeting held on 13th May 1991 by dispensation from Provincial Grand Lodge. The Rt. W.Bro. Edward Frederick Hanson J.P., L.L.P. (Hon) Provincial Grand Master, accompanied by W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock, P.S.G.D., Asst.Prov.G.Master, the Provincial Grand Wardens and eight other dedicating officers from the Province, entered in procession.

The Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies and escort retired from the Lodge and returned bearing the Banner. The Senior Past Master of the Lodge W.Bro. P.B. Hodgkinson, P.G.Std.B., P.Prov.S.G.W., requested the Provincial Grand Master to accept the Banner of Masefield Lodge No. 2034 and cause it to be dedicated to the Glory of God and service of The Great Architect of the Universe and for the use and guidance of the Lodge. The Provincial Grand Master unveiled the Banner and invited the Worshipful Master, Bro. P.J.L. Alexander to receive it. The Ceremony of Dedication was then carried through to completion.

At the regular meeting of 10th February 1992 it was announced that the total amount of Masefield Lodge's contribution to the Masonic Homes Appeal was £10597.86. The Masefield Lodge of Instruction held its 800th meeting on Thursday 5th March 1992. It is recorded in the minutes that this took place partly in Lodge Room No.3, and continued at the Conservative Club, Alcester Road South, with sandwiches, light beverages and an abundance of Masonic Fellowship.

Also in 1992, the Rt.W. Provincial Grand Master of this Province was empowered by Grand Lodge to grant additional appointments to commemorate the celebration of the 275th anniversary of Grand Lodge and the 25th anniversary of the Installation of the M.W.Bro. His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent. W.Bro. P.J.L. Alexander was honoured on this occasion with the rank of Prov.G.Steward at the Regular Meeting of the Edward Frederick Hanson Lodge No. 9463 on the 26th August 1992.

W.Bro.Granville Angell At the Regular Meeting held on 9th January 1995 we received a Summons dated 1887 from W.Bro. Angell.
The Summons covered the Installation of Bro. Phillip Gallimore, the fourth Master of the Lodge, by Bro. Thomas R. Arter, the third Master of the Lodge, on 9th May 1887. The cover contains all the working tools of the three Degrees and the seven Heavenly Bodies. The Lodge was opened at 3.15 p.m. and Bro. H. Clark became a joining member (he was subsequently Master in 1893 and our first Grand Lodge Officer). According to the Summons, Bros. Auster, Hallam and Horfield were all Raised. Bro. Hallam was Master in 1895 and Bro. Auster in 1897. Two Past Master's Jewels were also purchased for the total sum of ten pounds. The Installation followed at 5.00 p.m. with the Banquet at 6.00 p.m.
W.Bro. Hodgkinson thanked W.Bro. Angell for the presentation: since the Minute Books prior to 1919 had been lost, this Summons is of particular interest and is kept with other records of the Lodge.

It is interesting to note that our Founder Member W.Bro. Arter, mentioned in the 1887 Summons, went on to form our first Daughter Lodge which bears his name in 1897. Unfortunately he died a few months later.

In 1996 Bro. A.S. Roberts, J.W., successfully completed the London Marathon and as a result of sponsorship raised a £200 donation for the Year 2000 Charity.

W.Bro. Robin Symes In 1997 the Installation of the Master Elect was carried out using the Extended Inner Workings, by Installing Master, W.Bro. R.D. Symes.

This was the first recorded use of the extended ceremony in Masefield Lodge. The Past Masters have granted each subsequent Installing Master the option of performing this work if they so wish, under the guidance of the Preceptors.

At the Regular Meeting held on 12th April 1999, which was a Past Masters Night, W.Bro. P.B. Hodgkinson, P.G.Std.B., P.Prov.S.G.W., Almoner, the senior Past Master, became the first member of Masefield Lodge to receive the R.W. Provincial Grand Master's Certificate in recognition of 50 years' service to Freemasonry.

W.Bro. P. B. Hodgkinson

The Certificate was presented by the R.W.Bro. Barrie M. Cooper, JP, Provincial Grand Master, who praised W.Bro. Hodgkinson for the sterling service he had given to Freemasonry in the various offices he had held, but particularly in his work for the charities as Almoner of the Lodge, a position he had held with distinction for many years.

The other Rulers of the Province present were the V.W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock, P.G.Swd.B., Dep.Provincial Grand Master, and the Assistant Grand Masters. There were many other Grand Officers and distinguished brethren present and the total complement of visitors and members of the Lodge was 99.

At the ensuing banquet a silver salver, suitably inscribed, was presented to W.Bro. Hodgkinson by the V.W.Bro. Whitlock on behalf of the Lodge members to commemorate the occasion.

W.Bro. P.C. Band, P.Prov.J.G.W.,

In April 1999 W.Bro. P.C. Band, P.Prov.J.G.W., P.Prov.G.Swd.B.(Warks.), received the Grand Lodge rank of P.A.G.D.C. and at the Regular Lodge Meeting held on Monday 8th November, the V.W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock, Dep.Prov.Grand Master, presented to him on behalf of the Lodge, Grand Lodge Dress Regalia.

The V.W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock said that W.Bro. Band had brought great honour to us in continuing the Lodge's strong representation in Grand Lodge, being one of only two Lodges in the Province with four Grand Officers.

At the Regular Meeting held on Monday 10th April 2000, which was a Past Masters Night, W.Bro. F. Fowler, P.A.G.Swd.B., P.Prov.S.G.W., became the second member of the Lodge to receive the R.W. Provincial Grand Master's Certificate in recognition of 50 years' service to Freemasonry.

R.W.Bro. E. F. Hanson, JP, P.Prov.Grand Master The Certificate was presented by the R.W.Bro. Barrie Michael Cooper, JP, Provincial Grand Master, who paid tribute to work carried out for the Province and the Lodge over many years, in particular his chairmanship of the committee for the Worcestershire Home for the Aged. The other Ruler of the Province present was the V.W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock, P.G.Swd.B., Dep.Provincial Grand Master.

Also present were the R.W.Bro. E.F. Hanson, JP, P.Prov.Grand Master; the P.Dep.Prov. Grand Master, other Grand Officers and distinguished brethren. The number of visitors and members present was 70. At the banquet which followed, a silver salver, suitably inscribed to commemorate the occasion, was presented to W.Bro. Fowler on behalf of the Lodge by the V.W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock.

W.Bro. R. J. Wood

On Monday 9th October 2000 W.Bro. R.J. Wood, P.Prov.G.Reg., Charity Steward, informed the Lodge that Masefield had achieved one of the top six donations per capita for the Province for the Grand Charity Appeal 2000, and that the R.W. Provincial Grand Master had promoted him to the rank of P.Prov.S.G.W. and that he had accepted the promotion to mark this achievement by the members of the Lodge.

At the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire held in June 2001, W.Bro. F. Fowler, P.A.G.Swd.B., P.Prov.S.G.W., was awarded the Provincial Grand Master's Certificate of Merit for long, outstanding and meritorious service to the Province.

On 30th June 2002 Bro. R.W. Hodgson, Master Elect, took part in the National Masonic Classic Car Run, in aid of the charity "Whizz-Kidz", raising sponsorship of £90 from the Lodge, towards a countrywide total of over £32000 from this event.

900th Regular Meeting of the Lodge

October 14th 2002 marked the celebration of the 900th Regular Meeting of the Lodge. To commemorate this milestone occasion, a photograph of all Brethren attending on this evening was commissioned by the Master Elect Bro. R.W. Hodgson.

After the ceremony Bro. Hodgson presented a "Firing Glass" to each Brother at the Festive Board as a further reminder of this milestone in the Lodge's history.

V.W.Bro. Robert E. Whitlock

On Monday 11th December 2002 the V.W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock, P.G.Swd.B., Past Dep.Provincial Grand Master, became the third member of the Lodge to receive the R.W. Provincial Grand Master's Certificate in recognition of 50 years' service to Freemasonry.

The Certificate was presented by the R.W.Bro. Barrie Michael Cooper, JP, Provincial Grand Master, to Masefield Lodge's highest ranking Brother in the history of the Lodge to date.

W.Bro. P .C. Band

At the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire held in June 2003, W.Bro. P.C. Band, P.A.G.D.C., was invested as Assistant Provincial Grand Master, by the R.W.Bro. Barrie Michael Cooper, JP, Provincial Grand Master.

In 2004 at Grand Lodge, W.Bro. P.C. Band was to be further promoted in recognition of his Provincial Duties, becoming P.S.G.D.

W.Bro. R. B. W. Price

At this same meeting, W.Bro. R.B.W. Price was likewise promoted to P.J.G.D., receiving this honour with respect to his work as M.E. Grand Superintendent of and over the Province of Worcestershire.

January 2006: Mother and Daughter (Lodges) together! We are very grateful to W.Bro. Alan Breward, a Past Master of Nautical Services Lodge No. 5629, for his kind gesture in forwarding to us these photographs and review of a special night for one of our daughter lodges.

The Nautical Services Lodge No. 5629

The Nautical Services Lodge No. 5629's 452nd meeting will be remembered by both the members and visitors for a very long time.

It was on this cold January 2006 evening that the warmth of the lodge was further enhanced by the presence of The Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother R.G.H. Goddard MA, along with the Master and Wardens of the "Mother Lodge" Masefield Lodge No. 2034.

The Nautical Services Lodge No. 5629

This special night was to mark the earliest possible date for the presentation of "The Prestonian Lecturer Jewel for 2006" to Worshipful Brother Granville S. Angell, P.Prov.G.Swd.B., for his research, investigation and 'presentations' of the address "The Victoria Cross and Freemasonry".

During the evening the Lodge was further entertained by the younger and newer members performing a piece of work from the "Book of Lectures", on this occasion "The Sixth Section of the First Lecture", and the PGM congratulated them.

The PGM expressed his pleasure and delight in the presentation of this very special Jewel to W.Bro. Granville Angell, further congratulating him on his extremely very hard work in his research and investigation over a very long time into the subject of the "Victoria Cross and Freemasonry", especially in this the 150 year since inception. An exhibition of Victoria Crosses and holders, etc. will be on display at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street later this year.

The Nautical Services Lodge No. 5629

He expressed how proud and pleased both the Lodge and Province were in having such a diligent and academic brother as a member.

On the completion of the presentation the PGM went on to promote W.Bro. Angell to the Office of Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden, having pulled out this surprise to the brethren of the Lodge then presented W.Bro. Angell with new "undress" regalia.

Upon completion of these presentations the Worshipful Master W.Bro. J.T.R. Palmer then invited the Master and Wardens of the Mother Lodge, Masefield No. 2034, to close the Lodge.

Worshipful Bro. D.J. Silk, P.Prov.J.G.W. both congratulated and thanked the "Daughter" Lodge for this privilege afforded to him and his Wardens - Bro. A. Chauhan, S.W., W.Bro. S.M. Hester, J.W. and W.Bro. J.A. Carreras, Prov.S.G.D., Secretary.

W.Bro. R.B.W. Price, P.G.Swd.B. On the 25th April 2007, at the meeting of the United Grand Lodge of England, W.Bro. R.B.W. Price, B.Sc., P.J.G.D., will be promoted to the rank of P.Dep.G.Swd.B..

This news was read out by the Masefield Secretary in open Lodge during the March 2007 Regular Lodge Meeting.

The Lodge offered congratulations to W.Bro. Price for this truly deserved accolade reflecting W.Bro. Richard's hard work as the M.E. Grand Superintendent in and over the Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Worcestershire.

125th Anniversary

The Lodge met and celebrated its 125th Anniversary on Wednesday the 8th April (this being the closest date to the actual anniversary).

Forty-four Brethren attended to witness the Ceremony of Passing, after which a group photo was taken of all the visitors. This will be included in the latest version of the updated History, produced specially to commemorate this mile stone event.

The night proved to be a success both in the Lodge and at the Festive Board, where further celebrations were announced by the Worshipful Master, who informed the Brethren that a social event was to be held at Kings Norton Golf Club on 17th May to further mark the progress of this prestigious Lodge.

left to right; W.Bro. S.W.S. Southgate, P.G.Std.B., J.W., W.Bro. R.B.W. Price, P.Dep.G.Swd.B., Chaplain, Worshipful Master J.H. Crowther, W.Bro. P.C. Band, P.S.G.D., P.Asst.Prov.G.M., I.P.M., and W.Bro. M.A. Bunn, P.Prov.G.Supt.WKs., S.W.

Item 7 on the Summons for the October 2009 Installation Meeting read:

“To Present to the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Richard George Hamilton Goddard, the revised History of the Lodge”.

This was the first occasion that the PGM had visited the Lodge in his official capacity and indeed it was a memorable event. The newly installed Master was W.Bro. Mike Bunn, who had previously held the honour in 1994. As is often the case at these meetings, the Presiding Officer (R.W.Bro. Richard George Hamilton Goddard) remarked on the evening’s ceremony and, on this occasion, thought the evening worthy to promote W.Bro. Bunn to the Rank of P.Prov.G.Registrar.

At the 2010 meeting of the United Grand Lodge of England, W.Bro. R.B.W. Price, B.Sc., P.Dep.G.Swd.B., was promoted to the rank of P.G.Swd.B. in recognition of his services and the completion of his term as M.E. Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Worcestershire.

W.Bro. D. J. Silk On the 13th July 2010 the 47th Annual Meeting of the Worcestershire Masonic Golfing Society was held at Kings Norton Golf Club.

It was attended by the President of the Society R.W. Bro. R.G.H. Goddard, P.G.M., and Vice President V.W.Bro. R.C. Vaughan, D.P.G.M., together with 42 Brethren from 24 Lodges.

During the AGM, the retiring Captain, W.Bro. J. Gibbons, Lechmere Volunteer Lodge No.1874, presented the Captain's Putter to W. Bro. Derek Silk, P.Prov.J.G.W., who will Captain the Society for the next 2 years.

October 11th 2010 Regular Meeting. The Installation of W.Bro. S.W.S. Southgate, P.G.Std.B., attended by the Presiding Provincial Officer V.W.Bro. R.C. Vaughan, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, supported by Provincial Grand Wardens and Grand Lodge Officers.

Amongst the distinguished Grand Lodge Officers was W.Bro. Howard Wilson, P.A.G.D.C., (Provincial Grand Charity Steward) who was to make an important presentation to the Lodge. W.Bro. Wilson outlined the current standing of Lodges regarding the funds raised and collected towards the Charity Appeal 2011. W.Bro. Wilson thanked the Brethren of Masefield Lodge for their generosity and said the average contribution per member was £383, which qualified the Lodge to receive a Festival Gavel in recognition.

He went on to say the Appeal continues to receive great support, with our Holy Royal Arch Chapters having contributed in excess of £60,000. The Worcestershire Installed First Principals' Chapter has raised £6,900 and thereby achieved Subscriber status, with Masefield Chapter at £4,717 being very close to achieving that level also.

The Festival Gavel was then presented to the W.M. by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master. The W.M. thanked the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and encouraged the Brethren to continue their support of the Appeal.

Rt.W.Bro. R.G.H.Goddard November 14th 2011 at the 964th Regular Meeting. The Lodge was privialaged to welcome the Rt.W.Bro. R.G.H.Goddard, Provincial Grand Master to present a Fifty Year Certificate to V.W.Bro. R.B.W. Price, B.Sc., P.G.Swd.B., P.Prov.S.G.W., Chaplain.

The Provincial Grand Master, Rt.W.Bro. R.G.H.Goddard, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. R.C.Vaughan P.G.Swd.B. and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. C.V. Young P.S.G.D. were escorted into the Lodge by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. J. Ling P.Prov.S.G.W.

A brief resume of the life and career of V.W.Bro. Price was presented by W.Bro. P.C. Band P.S.G.D., Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, a copy of which is inter-leaved with are minutes, before the certificate was presented by the Provincial Grand Master, Rt.W.Bro. R.G.H. Goddard, to the acclamation of all present.

V.W.Bro. Price suitably responded and thanked the Provincial Grand Master for the honour bestowed on him and thanked all those present for making it such a wonderful and memorable occasion.

W.Bro. J.H. Crowther, Director of Ceremonies, gave the proclamation to V.W.Bro. Price and called on brethren to salute him according to his rank. The Worshipful Master, on behalf of the Lodge, presented an engraved silver salver to V.W.Bro. Price to mark the occasion and his magnificent achievement.

18th February 2014 during a recent visit by W.Bro. S.W.S. Southgate, P.G.Std.B., P.Prov.S.G.D.(Hants. & IOW.) to Weatheroak Lodge No. 7214, the following information was received from W.Bro. David J. Phillips, P.Prov.G.Swd.B.

Past Master W.Bro. K. Robinson was installed into the Chair of Weatheroak Lodge No. 7214 in 1985, his only Craft Lodge. He was given a silver trophy cup to look after by a former Past Master of Weatheroak Lodge, unfortunately we don't know who, but presumably, the most recent winner of the trophy at the time.

W.Bro. K. Robinson put the silver cup away in a safe place and, not being a golfer he, along with the other members of Weatheroak Lodge, must have forgotten all about it.

As far as Weatheroak Lodge know, the cup has not been played for at least since 1980, which is as far back as any member of Weatheroak Lodge can remember.

When W.Bro. Ken Robinson decided to have a clear out at his home, he found the trophy in his loft and at this point returned it to the Lodge. W.Bro. Ken sadly passed to the Grand Lodge above in 2013.

The cup was originally presented by W.Bro. D.R. Counsell in 1939: a member of Masefield Lodge and Francis Davies Lodge and, later, a Founder of Weatheroak Lodge in 1952.

Members of Francis Davies and Weatheroak Lodges did test the water in 2013 and played for the cup again, and it has now been suggested by Weatheroak Lodge members that it should in future be played for in the original format and they would welcome a team of 4 players from Masefield Lodge to participate in 2014.

The Junior Warden of Weatheroak Lodge is trying to arrange to play a tournament at Fulford Heath Club in May 2014. As soon as this event has been confirmed, full details will be circulated.

Weatheroak Lodge has a regular exchange visit with Francis Davies Lodge, and we would like to have the same arrangement with Masefield Lodge, so the golf day might be a good point to start.

It is interesting to note:
As this cup was presented by W.Bro. Jim Counsell in 1939, and Weatheroak Lodge was founded in 1952, and without further investigation, we do not know to which Lodge the Cup was originally presented.

Original details from:
W.Bro. David J. Phillips, P.Prov.G.Swd.B., Weatheroak Lodge No. 7214.