W.Bro. Charles Masefield

During the 1960s a number of Past Masters were honoured by active appointments to Provincial Grand Lodge, this process has continued: a record of which the Lodge is proud. It is given to some Brethren to make a special mark, not only in their Lodges, but also within the wider boundaries of Provincial Grand Lodges.

In the 19th century we have already seen that W.Bro. William Masefield was a Brother who made a special contribution to Freemasonry.

W.Bro. D.R. Counsell

W.Bro. D.R. Counsell (seen here on the right) Another was W.Bro. D.R. Counsell (seen here on the right) who during 58 years membership of Masefield Lodge in the 20th century exerted, in particular, a profound influence on the progress of our Lodge for its undoubted benefit.

The esteem and affection in which he was held was evidenced at a regular meeting on 13th November 1978 which also marked the 60th anniversary of his Initiation.

The Worshipful Master welcomed to the meeting the Rt. W. Provincial Grand Master, F.H. Griffiths; the Deputy and Assistant Grand Masters, W.Bro's H.J. Nock and B.J.W. Chambers; the Provincial Grand Wardens, Secretary and the Director of Ceremonies, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Warwickshire and seven other Grand Lodge Officers who were amongst the large gathering of members and visitors.

The Lodge donated £125 to the Provincial Grand Master's personal list for the 1982 Charity Festival to round off this exceptional evening. Another unique occasion was planned for the regular meeting twelve months later and W.Bro. "Jim" was looking forward to being there but, to our sorrow, it was not to be. He died on 4th November 1979.

12th November 1979

W.Bro. R.E. WhitlockW.Bro. D.P. Alexander At the meeting on 12th November 1979 in the presence of the four Rulers of the Province and their Principal Officers, eighty-three other visitors and thirty-six members, W.Bro. D.P. Alexander (who had been invited to occupy the Master's Chair for the evening) initiated his son, Mr. P.J.L. Alexander.

After the ceremony the Provincial Grand Master, on behalf of the Lodge, presented Grand Lodge Regalia to W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock, Prov.G.D.C. (far left) and W.Bro. D.P. Alexander, P.P.S.G.W. (near left) congratulating them on their promotion to the rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

At the Dinner which followed, the Lodge of Instruction generously donated £350 to the 1982 Festival.

Charity Festival of the Royal Masonic Institute for Girls

Charity Festival In the 1981/82 year an outstanding event was the Charity Festival of the Royal Masonic Institute for Girls on May 12th 1982, when the Rt.W.Bro. F.H. Griffiths, Provincial Grand Master, presided.

The amount collected was £1,004,000 of which Worcestershire gave £868,523, a record for the Province and the average contribution £7,178 of the 121 Lodges was an all time record.

Our Lodge contribution of £16,172 - with 30 Brother and 17 Lady Stewards - was the highest in the Province.

The Master, together with 12 members and 9 Ladies, attended the Festival in London where the Masefield Almoner and Charity Steward was presented with a special jewel to commemorate this outstanding achievement.

At the December 1982 meeting, the above named jewel was bestowed to the Lodge in the form of a collarette and presented to the Worshipful Master.

In all subsequent years it has been presented to the incoming Master at his installation and worn by him during his term of office.

11th September 1982

W.Bro. E.F. Hanson J.P. Meanwhile at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting on 11th September 1982 at Birmingham University, W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock P.A.G.D.C., who had been Prov.G.D.C. since 1977, was appointed an Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

Later that year Rt. W.Bro. F.H. Griffiths resigned as Prov.Grand Master having served in that onerous office for nine years; the Prov.Grand Master designate W.Bro. E.F. Hanson J.P. visited our meeting in March 1983 - a Past Masters' Night.

The newly installed Provincial Grand Master was present in his official capacity at our meeting on 10th October 1983 to see our one hundredth Master of Masefield Lodge installed. Also at this meeting the R.W.Bro. F.H. Griffiths was elected and approved by the Brethren as an Honorary Member.

One month later, the Worshipful Master J.A. Porter initiated his son Mr. M.J. Porter who thus joined five other current members who had been initiated as a lewis.

Acting Provincial Grand Lodge Officers

Listed here are the names of previous Acting Worcestershire Provincial Grand Lodge Officers.

Name Date Rank
W.Bro. D.P. Alexander
Sept. 1973
W.Bro. F.E. Bunch
Sept. 1974
W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock
Sept. 1975
W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock
Sept. 1977
W.Bro. D.A. Pickerden
Sept. 1979
W.Bro. R.B.W. Price
Sept. 1979
W.Bro. J. McLeish
Sept. 1980
W.Bro. D.L. Studdard
Sept. 1981
W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock
Sept. 1982
Asst.Prov.Grand Master.
W.Bro. J.A. Porter
Sept. 1986
W.Bro. B.B. Crowden
Sept. 1987
W.Bro. R.J. Wood
Sept. 1991
W.Bro. P.C. Band
Sept. 1992
Prov.G.Stwd.; Sept.1987 Prov.S.G.D. (Warks.)
W.Bro. P.J.L. Alexander
Sept. 1992
W.Bro. R.J. Wood
Sept. 1992
W.Bro. R.E. Whitlock
Sept. 1993
Dep.Prov.Grand Master.
W.Bro. P.C. Band
Sept. 1993
W.Bro. P.J.L. Alexander
Oct. 1995
W.Bro. R.D. Symes Oct. 1998 Prov.G.Stwd.
W.Bro. K. Barnfield June 2001 Prov.G.Stwd.
W.Bro. R.D. Symes June 2001 Prov.G.Supt.Wks.
W.Bro. P.C. Band June 2003 Asst.Prov.Grand Master.
W.Bro. J.A. Carreras April 2005 Prov.S.G.D.
W.Bro. S.M. Hester June 2006 Prov.A.G.D.C.
W.Bro. J.H. Crowther June 2012 Prov.G.Stwd.
W.Bro. J.H. Crowther June 2015 Prov.S.G.W.
W.Bro. G. Tambe June 2019 Prov.S.G.D.
W.Bro. J.H. Crowther June 2019 Asst.Prov.Grand Master.