Provincial Grand Master

How has Masefield Lodge fared in the same period?

Has it, too, changed as dramatically.

It has changed in the sense that it has moved with the times and changing customs, but from its valiant and venturous beginnings its members have consistently upheld the unchanging principles of the Craft; they have built on the base laid down by the Founders and have actively participated in the work and affairs of the Province. There is much to look back on with pride and humility and much to look forward to in the future with every confidence that the first hundred years will help to shape the continuing success and prosperity of the Lodge in its second hundred years.

W.Bro. E.F. Hanson J.P.

On the 9th May 1984, the Masefield Lodge, with special dispensation, held an Emergency Meeting to celebrate its Centenary and to receive its Centenary Warrant.

The minutes record that thirty-nine members of the Lodge and one hundred and thirty-four visiting Brethren were present, including the Rt.W.Bro. Edward Frederick Hanson JP, LL.D. (Hon.), Provincial Grand Master, Presiding Officer; accompanied by the Dep.Prov. Grand Master, the Asst.Prov. Grand Masters and other distinguished Brethren, including ten other Grand Lodge Officers.

The Rt.W.Prov. Grand Master addressed the Lodge, explaining that this was not a meeting of consecration, but a celebration of the centenary and the prospect of the next century.

Worshipful Master, Bro. J.A. Porter

He then presented the Centenary Warrant to the Worshipful Master, Bro. J.A. Porter.

The Acting Prov.G. Chaplain delivered an oration in which he referred to the changes which had taken place in the last hundred years.

But while many changes had taken place, some things had remained almost unchanged.

He referred in particular to the principles and practices of Freemasonry, and said that our aim for the next hundred years should be to preserve our standards. Finally, he expressed thanksgiving for the past hundred years, and exhorted us to rededicate our efforts for the next centenary.

The ceremony was completed and the Worshipful Master then invested, in turn, all Officers of the Lodge with their collars and their corresponding jewels of office. The formal Lodge meeting was followed by a banquet of ample proportions, appropriate to the occasion.