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Masefield Lodge Banner

The heraldic blazon of the shield is:-
Gules, a cross engrailed ermine

It appears from "Papworth's British Armorials, 1874" that these were the arms of a family variously named Macklesfield, Maclesfield or Maxfield, of the counties of Chester and Stafford.  

It may be inferred that the name was modified to Masefield in the course of time, and that William Masefield was a connection of the family and adopted the arms.

Masefield Lodge Family Tree

You can see from the Family Tree that Masefield Lodge has played a large part in promoting Freemasonry, with five Daughter and five Grand Daughter Lodges stemming from its early days.

* Silver Jubilee No. 5331 Warrant surrendered 20th April 2004 due to diminishing numbers.

* Woodlands Lodge No. 6116 Warrant surrendered 2010.