Artefacts of the Lodge

As the Lodge has developed over the years so have our Treasures. Masefield Lodge now has a fine collection of pieces donated by members present and past, including some unusual items of significant historical interest and sentimental value.

The Loving Cup

Masefield Loving CupThis was presented by W.Bro.T.R. Arter, W.M. 1886.

This Cup is circulated around all the Brethren at every Installation Meeting. Starting with the Worshipful Master and then passing to the Imediate Past Master.

The new Worshipful Master must start and end his reply to his toast as the Cup is circulated around the room, finally being retuned to the Worshipful Master.

The cup is filled with sparkling wine, and each Brother either side of the Cup stands with his back to it in order to protected his neighbour as he drinks.

Silver Trowel

Silver TrowelThis Silver Trowel was Presented by Mrs. C. Williams to the Rt. W.Bro. Sir Edmund Lechmere, Bart., M.P., Provincial Grand Master of Worcestershire.

Sir Edmund laid the Corner Stone of St. Agnes' Church, Moseley, 3rd October 1883.

Tracing Board

Tracing BoardThis is the Tracing Board used at all of the Masefield Lodge Regular Meetings and Rehearsals.

Made from mahogany, the Tracing Board is opened by turning one of the two double-sided leaves.

A unique item of furniture, for which we have no historical details to date.

Founder's Jewel

Founder's JewelThe Jewel on the left is an original Founder's Jewel.

It was presented to W.Bro. C. Williams, on which the inscription reads: "Promoter and one of the Founders".

Thus indicating his special efforts in the formation of the Lodge.

Silver Cigarette Box

Silver Cigarette BoxA Silver Cigarette Box presented to W.Bro. Arthur W. Watson, P.G.St.B., P.P.G.W., in 1953 on the 50th anniversary of his initiation into Masefield Lodge.

This treasure of the Lodge is also displayed at every Regular Meeting of the Lodge.

Other Items of Note

Together with the items mentioned above, the Lodge has been presented over the years with interesting artefacts which are preserved with care by the Lodge Tyler, and stored safe with the Lodge property. These include:

Two Horn Snuff Boxes presented by W.Bro. E. Worrall

Two Horn Snuff Boxes presented by W.Bro. E. Worrall, W.M. 1885.

Two Cut Class Goblets used by the Senior and Junior Members attending any Festive Board. A Golf Trophy presented by W.Bro. E. Baker, W.M. 1932. Three Silver Goblets for use by the Master and Wardens at the Festive Board. A Holy Bible presented by W.Bro. J.S. Pritchett, Founder.